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What is Video Marketing? (A Beginner’s Guide)

Suhacan Başer
Content Marketing Specialist
video marketing

Video marketing has always been an important part of a solid brand strategy. But now, video has become prominent on every social media platform and marketing channel.

We already know how important video content is for platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. But even Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said that the platform is now focusing more on video content

Simply put, if you aren’t focusing on video marketing, your brand strategy will mostly suffer.

In this article, we will explain in detail what video marketing is, why it is important, the types of video marketing, and some important video marketing statistics.

So, if you are interested, keep on reading!

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the process of creating videos in order to promote your products to your target audience. 

Your company produces videos that market your business, boost sales, improve brand awareness, or engage your audience in some way. It can be more complex in practice. 

Video marketing, like many of your marketing initiatives, is data-driven, so you’ll want to keep track of various statistics and user engagement.

You can use video content to promote your business through social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram etc. Or you can use these videos to promote your business through more traditional marketing channels, like TV.

Simply put, there are a lot of places where you can use your video content to improve your brand awareness.

Video Marketing Statistics

As marketers, we believe that the best decisions are always made depending on statistical data. So if you are considering adding video marketing to your business venture, the best way to make that decision would be to analyze the current situation of the industry.

To help you get a more accurate overview of the video marketing industry, we have prepared the following list of statistics:

  • Nearly 78% of people watch videos online every week, while 55% watch videos online every single day. 
  • Surveys show that around 54% of shoppers desire to see more video content from businesses and brands they follow. 
  • According to WordStream, brands that use video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.
  • Including video content on your landing page can increase your conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • Internet users generally spend 88% more time on websites that contain videos. 
  • In the last five years, the online video consumption rate has increased across all age groups, but the most significant increase is seen in the above 46 years old age group.

What Are The Types Of Video Marketing?

No matter what type of business you are in, you can create tons of different types of videos to promote your business. You can create anything from entertaining commercials to product tutorials. 

Of course, some types of video content are better than others, and focusing on the ones that will bring you the most benefit first can help you get better results.

Here are some types of video content you should consider adding to your marketing strategy:

Educational Videos:

The best types of videos are the ones that provide value to your audience, and the most straightforward way of providing this value is by creating educational videos for your viewers. 

Educational videos teach something new to your audience. It can give them the information they have been searching for while establishing your brand as an expert in the industry.

Product Demo Videos:

These videos showcase how your products or services work, and gives your customers a chance to experience a part of it. 

Demo videos can only show your product from the outside, or explain its features in detail, and can even include some educational value.

Product demo videos can also create some kind of an aesthetic experience for your customers if you are selling physical products. If you are curious how just think about car commercials!

Event Videos:

If your business is hosting an event like a seminar, fundraiser, or conference, then you can record some footage during them and prepare event videos!

Event videos go hand in hand with event marketing and can help you both engage with your customers and increase the demand for your future events.

Event videos can take many shapes and forms. They can be long-form videos that cover the entire event, or they can be short videos with only the most interesting highlights. 

Customer Testimonials:

Social proof is exceedingly important for your business, and video testimonials can be a great way of adding some social proof to your brand.

Humans are social creatures, and they look for the experiences of others to help them make their decisions. For example, when a shopper is considering purchasing your product, they will want to see how your product affected other people.

That is where testimonials come in. By creating video content where your existing customers tell how your product affected them positively, you can make your prospective customers feel more secure about purchasing from you. 

Company Culture Videos:

Company culture videos showcase the unique personality of your brand and communicate its uniqueness with your target audience.

You should make videos with your mission and values in mind for this form of video marketing. These videos build confidence between your company and the general public, particularly if you emphasize your commitment to your goal and values. 

Videos about the company’s culture are also useful for attracting new employees. People will want to apply if your organization appears to be a fantastic place to work.

What Are The Benefits Of Video Marketing?

(3 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing it in 2023)

1- Videos will help you to boost the average time spent on your website by users

A moderate user spends around 85% more time on pages with video content than any other kind of content, which means that creating videos for your possible visitors would make them spend more time on your web pages.

Video Marketing has numerous advantages. Many internet visitors find videos more engaging than texts. Furthermore, video illustrations are more compelling at allowing individuals to maintain information.

Videos are more enjoyable and charming than texts and keep the attention of individuals by combining auditory and visual senses.

Videos are a crucial part of digital marketing campaigns by being compelling and providing information while convincing people or helping them retain information.

2- Fantastic way to improve your conversation rate!

Videos will help you provide a better opinion for your potential customers regarding your product or services. It will help you to create brand awareness and trust, which will help you increase conversations. Data shows that providing videos for your pages leads to an outstanding 140% growth in purchases for your business.

Having video content on your landing page and keeping up with the trends are essential. We have seen that video tutorials or product reviews are an excellent way for your customers to learn about your products or services. Of course, engagingly and entertainingly as possible. Following these steps will boost your conversations more than you would foresee.

3- Videos get shared a lot!

Did you know that videos on social platforms get shared more than a thousand times than image and text content combined? Videos are liked by people and offer much value by delivering quick and straightforward information. Try to keep your videos short, simple, and informative. Using quality digital content is key to success in digital marketing.

In most e-commerce and website platforms, having videos and high-quality images will slow your website. It causes many difficulties and delays. You need to invest extra money in integrations and software for speed. If you desire your own lightning-fast storefronts and boost your sales with conversation-focused optimization without paying additional costs: you can start your free trial today and begin selling with the world’s fastest e-commerce platform.

How Is Video Marketing Done?

The importance of video marketing is very evident. But how can you make a marketing campaign that will succeed?

Here is a three-step plan guide that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

1- Make sure to know your needs

Do you have a marketing team? Or are you a solo entrepreneur? If you have a marketing team, You can start thinking about the budget you will need to spend to cover the expenses such as equipment, software, and salaries.

If you don’t have a marketing team, start with your phone or a simple camera and edit your videos by getting some help from freelancers online.

2- Find the story that you want to tell

You need a story to tell for your marketing video campaign. What are your expectations? Define them and take action accordingly. You should be clear and engaging and focus on not exhausting your target audience. You might come up with great ideas. It is always safer to test your campaigns for engagement and get suggestions from people to see if your ideas sound intriguing or not.

3- Make sure to use the data and create engagements 

Don’t bore your audience. Keep the videos short! People consume video content every day. Likely, they will not watch the entire video if it’s too long. When your campaign is ready to be published, get prepared to share it on every platform and keep the same title for all of them. You must be directing people to your product or service page.

A marketing campaign without engagement and conversation would only hurt your pocket. Thus, you must also track your results to determine the successful aspects of your campaign to be used in the future and eliminate the ones that were not engaging.

Final Remarks:

Adopting video marketing can help your business create a better communication channel with your customers.

As modern users are increasingly favouring video over other types of content, the ability to provide them with such is a great advantage.

The statistics all show video marketing to be a worthwhile investment, and it can even be great for small businesses.

So, if you want to boost your sales and brand awareness, consider adopting video marketing to your general marketing strategy!

If you have anything else to add or ask, feel free to leave it in the comments!

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