Point of Sale

  • Customizable Fields

    Add the data you want to follow to the sale by defining the customizable areas and analyse it from the reports and insights screen.
  • Offline Sales

    You don't need the internet to sell with ikas, your offline sales will automatically sync when the internet connection is restored.
  • Quick Keys

    Add the product to the cart with one touch by adding the products you sell frequently from the POS screen.
  • Smart Product Search

    You can search products with category and variation names, you can see all 43 size or red shoes of a brand instantly.
  • Directly Add Product to Sale

    You can sell using the keypad from the POS screen and add notes to your sales.
  • Split Payments

    Accept payment with the payment methods you want. Your customers can pay the total amount from multiple parties.
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Product and Inventory Management

  • Variant Management

    You can create variants such as different sizes, colors and materials for each product, and enter different barcodes, stock codes and pricing information in these variants.
  • Product Transfer

    You can transfer your products from your old system to ikas in seconds and start using ikasPOS in minutes.
  • Tax Support

    You can add to the products by creating different rates of taxes on the repository.
  • Product and Brand Categorization

    You can categorize products according to their type, season or specifications. In this way, you can see the products you are looking for under categories.
  • Customized Fields

    Add the informations you want to follow to the sale by defining the customized fields and analyse it from the reports screen.
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Store Management

  • Refund and Exhange

    With ikasPOS, refund and exchange operations are as easy as selling. This way, you save time!
  • Sales Goals for Employees

    You can evaluate your employees performance by setting sales goals for your staff monthly-weekly and daily.
  • Staff Authorization and Role Management

    Increase safety and control by determining what actions your employees can do in your store.
  • Unlimited Staff Members

    You won't pay any fees for your staff's ikasPOS account.
  • Register Management and Security

    With ikasPOS, you can always keep your register safe and under control! ikasPOS automatically calculates the money needed in your register, minimizing float deficit at the end of the day.
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Customer Management

  • Customer Profiles

    By keeping your customers records, you can track the last time they visited your store, which products they bought.
  • Customized Fields

    You can record the data you want to follow by creating customized fields on the customer profiles.
  • Create Customer from POS

    It takes a few second to create a new customer from the POS screen.
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Multi Store

  • One click, new Branch

    As on traditional systems, you don't need to invest in infrastructure for your new store and wait for the systems to be installed.
  • One Customer Database

    You can use the common customer's data in all your branches. In this way, the customer created in any of your branch can be used in all of your stores.
  • Staff Management

    You can set up your staff account based on their branches. This allows you to control which of your employees are working in which of your stores.
  • Branch Targets

    By setting goals for your branches, you can compare the performance of your stores and value their productivity.
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Reports & Insights

  • Auto Reports

    With automated reports, you can check any reports from your e-mail or your mobile phone at any time you specify.
  • Real Time Datas

    When using ikasPOS, you use it with real time datas, it is reflected in all accounts and reports at any time of updates.
  • Inventory Reports

    With inventory reports, you can make a list of out of stock products and see the products with critical stock status.
  • Register Reports

    With ikasPOS, you can see the details of your registers and you can always monitor your registers remotely.
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Hardware and Supported Platforms

  • Platform Independent

    Whether it's Windows, MacOS or Linux operating system, you can use ikasPOS without problems.
  • Native iOS and Android Apps

    You can use ikasPOS through tablets by downloading our ikasPOS apps from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.
  • Cloud Based

    ikas is Cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere where Internet is available. Thanks to its cloud-based structure, you cannot experience even the slightest interruption when using ikasPOS.
  • Offline Support

    When using ikasPOS, you can continue to make the products if the internet is disconnected, so you won't loss your sale. When the internet connection is back, all your data will be automatically synced!
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