Multichannel E-Commerce
With a Single Dashboard!

Manage your online marketplace orders from Amazon and Zalando, your e-commerce websites in different languages, and your physical stores using ikas.

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Manage All Your Sales Channels with a Single Inventory

You can keep your stocks common across all sales channels. Thus, when you make a sale on your e-commerce site, your stock in your marketplace store is automatically updated.

Use ikas in Your Retail Store

Make your retail sales with ikas and manage both your e-commerce site and physical store on a single panel.

Create Reports Based on Sales Channels

You can view reports based on sales channels in the form of products, brands, categories, or 36 different report types.

Pickup in Store

Your website users can choose your physical store as their delivery method, make payment online for the desired products, and then pick them up at your store.


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