Ecommerce Platform.
Lightning fast. No apps.
Create your multi-currency online store, integrate marketplaces and sell everywhere.
⚡️ Lightning fast.
Out-of-the-box. No code. No app required.
Higher conversion rates
Better SEO and user experience
More organic traffic, higher revenue
Price Lists
Global Selling Made Easy
Adjust prices of your products for 130+ local currencies for international customers. Assign price lists to the countries you are selling.
Sell Everywhere
One platform for your online marketplace stores, multiple storefronts, social media channels and Point of Sale!
Integrate ikas with Instagram Shop and Facebook
Sell in-store with built-in POS screen
Manage your marketplaces like Etsy from ikas
Headless E-Commerce Platform
Our API-first approach allows us to integrate with all the tools you love super fast and easily.
Start selling now!
Start, run, and grow your business with powerful e-commerce platform ikas.
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