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With Navlungo integration, you can instantly make micro exports from your e-commerce website, marketplaces, and other sales channels.

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Localisation and Price Lists

With the localization feature, you can easily sell your products at different prices and in different currencies.

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Unlimited Language Options

With unlimited language support, you can show your product to your users in different languages.

Language Localisation

With language localisation, you can offer different language options according to the country where your users use your website.

Different Payment Methods

You can securely receive payments from anywhere in the world using different payment methods such as Stripe, PayPal, and Klarna.

Why E-Export with ikas?

With advanced e-export features, you can safely sell to the whole world with different language and currency options without paying an extra fee with ikas.



Only transferring the order information.

Payment Collections

It applies to the payments received from your e-commerce site

Payments are deposited into your account in foreign currency with one-week maturity.

Payments will be deposited in Turkish Lira within ~30 days. You will be exposed to exchange rate risk.


Country-Based Campaign Management.


Update your themes differently for each country.


Etsy Integration

Sell your products abroad.

Limitli Entegrasyon

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