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Write a Review for ikas on OMR!

Sena Özkurt
Content Marketing Specialist

The leading B2B software review platform in the DACH region, OMR helps users find the best software according to their needs based on authentic reviews from real users. We are eagerly awaiting your evaluations of ikas on OMR.

How Can You Make a Review for ikas on OMR?

To make a review, you’ll first need to register with MyOMR which can easily be completed using your business email address, Google account, or LinkedIn account. 

In order to write a review, you can either click on the invitation link we send or go to our profile on OMR. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete to make a review. Each review is evaluated and published within 72 hours. If a review does not meet the quality standards of OMR, it can also be rejected. 

Here are the questions to answer on OMR to leave a review:

  • How likely is it that you would recommend ikas to a friend or colleague? 0 (Very unlikely)-10 (Very likely)
  • Title of your review: (min. 20 characters)
  • What do you like best? (min. 120 characters)
  • What do you dislike? (min. 80 characters)
  • What problems are you solving with ikas? What benefits have you realized? (min. 40 characters)
  • For which purposes do you use ikas? → Sub-categories in which the tool is listed. (Multiple selection possible)
  • In which company did you use ikas last?
  • What is your position in your current company?
  • What was the URL of the organization where you most recently used ikas?
  • What is your organization size when using ikas?
  • Which industry is the company in where you use(d) ikas?
  • Are you a current user of ikas?
  • What is your primary role when using ikas?
  • Please give a score from 1 (strongly disagree) – 7 (strongly agree) for the following question:

ikas meets my requirements

ikas is easy to use

ikas is easy to set up

Customer Support meets my requirements

  • What is your level of experience with ikas?
  • How frequently do you use ikas?
  • Did your organization switch to ikas from another vendor?
  • Is ikas headed in the right direction?
  • Do you integrate ikas with any other software?

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