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What makes ikas so fast?

Your websites are ready instantly with the automatic optimisation and CDN service of ikas.

CDN Technology

Your product and theme images are hosted with the CDN technology used by This allows your website to load quickly from anywhere in the world.

Visual Optimisation

ikas automatically optimises the size and resolution of the images you upload, ensuring that visitors are delivered the most appropriate image.

WebP Images

On your ikas e-commerce site, you can upload either .jpeg or .png files, and ikas automatically converts them to .webp format. This results in smaller image sizes and faster loading times.

One-Page Checkout

Simplify the purchase process for your customers with a single-page checkout that includes address, shipping method, and payment options.

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Lightning-Fast User Experience

Let your users take action on your website without waiting, and increase your conversion rates with ikas.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us?


"Our conversion rate has increased by 40% since we switched to ikas from our previous platform."

MUGO - Atahan Yılmaz


"Thanks to the digital ad integrations provided by ikas, our conversion rates have increased by 3 times."

WUNDER - Cem Çerçi


"Our conversion rates increased by 3 times thanks to the digital advertising integrations provided by ikas "

SOILEY - İsmail Toygar Özyürek


"ikas is definitely one of the best technology companies in Turkey."



"After switching to ikas, our sales increased by 60%!"

NERVIA - Mustafa Hasanoğlu


"Thanks to the payment infrastructure of ikas, we can receive our payments the next day."

COOK - Zülal Parlaktaş


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