ikas vs Shopify

Don't you want to make your online business more powerful using ikas?
Fast Storefronts
So fast, really.
Need really huge investment
Min. $500/mo extra cost
Hierarchical Categories and Filters
Faceted Search
3rd-party apps needed
$49/mo for 5K products
All themes supports
3rd-party apps needed
$15/mo for 10K sessions
Back in Stock Alerts
Reporting Included
3rd-party apps needed
$39/mo for 500 e-mails
Built-in Return Management
Collect and Manage Requests
3rd-party apps needed
$29/mo for 100 returns
Built-in Translation Support
Not API, with UI
3rd-party apps needed
$12/mo for 10K words - 1 lang
One Page Checkout
More conversion 🚀
Google Tag Manager
Complete E-Commerce DataLayer
Google Analytics 4 Support
Better Insights
Multiple Storefronts
One dashboard for all your brands

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