How to Use ikas?

In just three simple steps, you can set up your very own online store using the advanced
e-commerce platform ikas. User-friendly interface allows you to create your
e-commerce website without requiring any technical expertise.

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Upload Your Products to Your Website

Easily upload your products to your website with just a few clicks, no technical knowledge is required.

Bulk Product Upload Option

With our support team, you can upload all your products to your site in bulk and make a quick entry into the e-commerce world at the speed of ikas without wasting any more time.

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Free SSL

Google ranks websites with SSL certificates higher and browsers accept websites with SSL certificates as secure.


%99.99 Uptime

ikas-powered websites experience almost no downtime. Your websites are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud servers.


Global CDN

Your website runs on 400 AWS data centers around the world, allowing visitors to access your site from the nearest data center.

Design Your E-commerce Website!

Design your mobile-responsive website easily with ready-to-use templates, without requiring any technical skills!

Connect Your Domain

Connect your domain to your website and make your online store ready for use. With 301 redirects, transfer your e-commerce site and domain without losing your SEO scores.

Complete Your E-Commerce Website!

Make your payment, shipping, and automation settings with just a few clicks. Start your e-commerce business without wasting time.


You can select the marketplace, marketing, accounting, and shipping integrations from the ikas application store and connect them to your e-commerce website without paying any additional fees.


You are ready for e-commerce at ikas speed!

Starting e-commerce with ikas is this easy. Just contact us at 0850 255 1839 and become one of the thousands of users of ikas!


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