Make Sales

Creating a sale is very simple with ikas! Use your camera or barcode reader for reading product barcodes, or simply just search with the product name.

Stock Management

ikas makes challenging stock tracking operations easy for you. You can count stock at any time and be informed of critical stocked products instantly.

Realtime Reports

All reports can be accessed instantly from anywhere. Dozens of reports like sales, profitability, inventory, staff performance, cash register status and history are waiting you in ikas.

Label Design

Print your product labels with our unique label design tool with the size and content you want.

Retail Features

From stock management to sales, mobile realtime reports to label design. Everything you need to run your store is easily managed by ikas.

Free Updates and Maintanence

Every update we make to ikas is free. ikas saves you from very expensive server expenses, and their maintanence costs.

Cloud Infrastructure

Your data is safely stored and automatically backed up with our cloud infrastrure, and can be accessible only for you everywhere around the world.

Offline Sales

You can continue to sell with ikas even if you are offline.

Unlimited Users

You can add as many users as you want to your store and define individual access roles for each. No need to pay extra for your users!

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