E-Invoice Generation

Create e-Invoice automatically and send your customers, for your marketplace, e-commerce or physical store sales

Sale Reports

Sales you make in your branches are transferred to Paraşüt as Retail Sales Invoice at the end of the day and you can track your retail sales from Paraşüt.


Use the same stock in your wholesale and retail sales by keeping your stocks in common, so you never miss out on sales.

Order and Invoice

Your purchase invoices in Paraşüt will be transferred to ikas and you can update your inventory by confirming your orders with one button

Paraşüt Features

With Paraşüt you can manage your accounting, thanks to bank integrations, you can always master your financial situation.


Send e-Invoice to your wholesale sales, speed up your sales.

Bank Integrations

Transactions from your bank accounts will be processed to the Parachute, and you will not bother matching transactions.

Balance Tracking

List, search and manage your suppliers with balance easily.

Income/Expense Tracking

Keep track of all the money in and out of your business.

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With the Paraşüt Retail Package, ikas and Paraşüt costs only 139 TL + KDV per month.