What are the features
WooCommerce integration?

With WooCommerce integration, you can transfer your products to ikas with one button, and from ikas to marketplaces. You can manage all your sales and inventory data from ikas.

Automatically create
and send e-Invoice!

Automatically create e-invoices to your WooCommerce orders and send them to your customers. Thus, save time. You can contact us for more information.

How does WooCommerce integration work?
WooCommerce pushes to ikas
Orders are created in ikas as Pending and Finalized Orders
Automatically transfer new incoming orders to ikas!
ikas pushes to WooCommerce
Any stock level and pricing adjustments are done in ikas and synced to WooCommerce
Fulfilment and shipping details are pushed to WooCommerce.
2–way sync
Fulfilling orders are synced both ways
Creating products from both systems will be synronised.

Best omni-channel
e-commerce and POS software!

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