ikaspos reports screen

Keep your business under control with reports prepared for all businesses with ikasPOS.

  • End of Day Reports

    With ikasPOS you can automatically create end-of-day reports and check reports via your e-mail.

  • Control Datas via Smartphone

    With the ikasBoss app, you can view sales from your iOS or Android phone and create daily, weekly and monthly reports.

  • Dashboard Welcome Screen

    See the reports you use most in the ikas Dashboard welcome screen, always know your sales.

  • Product Reports

    You can see your sold products in reports, and you can always control the products you sell.

ikaspos reports and register tracking

Always control your cash float.

  • Cash Register Opening and Closing

    Keep track of the opening and closing amounts of the cash register in your branch.

  • Tax Reports

    You can track your sales taxes on a daily basis, share sales with your accountant.

  • Pay in & Payout

    Record float entrances and exits that occur in your cash register so you can control the entire flow of money.

  • Refunds

    When the return is made from ikasPOS, the maths of the cash register are automatically performed, you do not need to take any extra action.


Create a trial account with ease, no credit card required ­čĄę, and if you're satisfied, go ahead.