ikaspos inventory management

ikasPOS will keep your products under control.

  • Products with Variants

    You can manage variants through a single product by defining variations to products with ikasPOS. You can also define a different SKU, price or barcode for each variation.

  • Brands and Categories

    You can create specific reports by adding your products to categories. In addition, you can keep your inventory organized by identifying brands for each product.

  • Tax Support

    You may be selling products with different tax rates in your stores, you can define different tax rates for each product.

  • Unlimited Products

    You can add as many items as you want to ikasPOS, there is no additional charge!

  • Import Products

    Do you have a list of your products? It only takes a few minutes to transfer them to ikasPOS.

ikaspos search screen sales screen

We can help you to transfer your products into ikasPOS with free of charge.

  • Barcode and Label DesignCOMING SOON

    You can print barcodes and design products labels directly from ikasPOS.

  • Quick Product Search

    We know it's important to be fast during the sale! Therefore, you can find the products you want to sell in seconds by typing, scanning barcode or type it to search section.

  • Customized FieldsCOMING SOON

    By defining custom fields, add the data you want to follow, such as season and collection information, you can analyze from the reports screen.

  • Multi Store Support

    With ikasPOS, you can store all your product in private cloud and use your products in all your branches.


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