Designed for all retailers.

  • Quick Product Search

    We know it's important to be fast during the sale! Therefore, you can find the products you want to sell in seconds by typing, scanning barcode or type it to search section.

  • Favorite Products

    Add your best-selling products to your sales screen, add them directly to the cart without reading the barcode or by tapping on the favorite item that's wasting time to find the product.

  • Works Offline

    You don't need the internet to sell with ikasPOS, when the internet connection is restored, your offline sales will automatically sync!

  • Undefined Product Sale

    You don't need to open a stock card to sell products! If you wish, you can create an undefined product through the sales screen and add a description and sell the desired product.

  • Split Payments

    Your customers can pay the purchase amount in pieces by using their preferred payment methods.

inventory smart search

Improve your customer experience with ikasPOS.

  • Smart Product Search

    You can provide product advice to your customers by searching for the products you sell with variations and category names. When the search line is written “Nike 43”, you can see the Nike brand's 43 size footwear in search screen.

  • Discounts

    You can define seperate product discounts for items you add to the cart, or you can define currency or percentage discount for the whole basket. This discounts will appear in the Reports with description provided in sales screen.

  • Park Sale

    You can park your sale and pick up that parked sale at any time where you left off.

  • Customized FieldsCOMING SOON

    Add the data you want to follow to the sale by defining the customized fields and analyse it from the reports screen.


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