multi store suppoer

Designed to fit multi-branch management.

  • Unlimited User Account

    You do not pay for your user account at ikasPOS, all users can make transactions in all your branches.

  • One Database

    Use all your customers and products in all stores without the need for extra processing.

  • Advanced Reporting

    View sales of all your branches through a single report and customize multiple branch reports.

  • Cloud Based

    All your branches work on the cloud, so you can quickly act as if there's no distance..

ikasposs multiple store support

All your branches are entrusted to ikasPOS.

  • Stock Transfer RequestCOMING SOON

    Track your shipments by creating inventory transfer requests between your stores.

  • Staff Authorization

    By adding your staff to the branches you want them to process, you can prevent them from making transactions at another branch.

  • Real-Time Data

    Your data syncs instantly across all stores, and you don't need to do any renewal.


Create a trial account with ease, no credit card required ­čĄę, and if you're satisfied, go ahead.