All-in-One Barcode Solution: ikas

Transfer your products to ikas in seconds, create barcodes, use your smartphone as a handheld terminal and sell your products easily.

Easy to import!

You can transfer your products from your legacy system easily with an Excel file. If you don't have a product list, you can create your products in a very short time.

Our customer support team can help you to import your products to the system, by free.

Label your products!

You can print customizable labels from any label printer, even from regular A4 printer.

Design your barcodes!

Print the desired size label and design by selecting the information on the labels.

Sell with barcode!

You can sell your products from any computer or with iPad via barcode.

ItÔÇÖs enough for you to scan your product to barcode reader in order to sell your products.

  • Use iPad's camera as a barcode reader,
  • Add the product to the sale with any barcode reader!

Your handheld terminal is ready: ikasInventory

With the help of ikasInventory, you will be able to inquire your product from their barcodes and count your stock by using your smartphone.


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